A Nasty Side Effect

One thing that I have learned is that once you have been eating clean Paleo a while your stomach tends to get sensitive to “outside” foods.  For example, I have eaten out twice (besides this little health food place I frequent that is safe), and both times I left with stomach cramps from seemingly safe foods.  I believe what is happening is that they are cooking the foods in vegetable oil (or worse peanut oil).  However, I have ordered my meats “grilled” both times, and yet I leave miserable.  My only solution is to stop eating anywhere besides my nice little health food cafe where they cater to my dietary needs.  Otherwise, I cook for myself…in coconut oil…like nature intended.

Ugh…suffering today from the second time of the above mentioned. 😦  All I can do is drink a lot of water, and hope it eases soon.


About therunningcavewoman

An about to be *former* fatty. I follow a Paleo nutrition way of eating, and have recently adopted an active lifestyle. At Christmas 2010, my mom took a picture of me, and I glanced at it. Just that glance triggered something in my brain (finally) that I had to get healthy, and quick! I had been to the doctor several times about irregular menstrual cycles, and I was having issues with my blood pressure before Christmas, so I had an idea that I had gotten very unhealthy. December 26th I began researching ways of eating online, and decided that Paleo was the way for me to go. It was either December 28th or 29th that I quit processed foods, and most carbs cold turkey. Then, over the next few weeks I weined myself off of grains, and milk entirely. Not long after that I quit most fruits, and only have fruit as an occasional treat now. Since the end of December, I have lost 40ish pounds (as of March 2011), and I am still losing. I decided a few weeks ago that I would train for a triathlon, and hope to compete in one before the end of the summer. I can't wait until I see what I look like in six months! This is so exciting! View all posts by therunningcavewoman

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