Monthly Archives: May 2011

Louisiana: Summer is here.

My biggest struggle lately has been the crazy heat coupled with craaaaaaaaaaaaazy high humidity.  The humidity is much more miserable than the heat.

My runs have increased to 5 miles! I’ve settled into an every-other-day routine, and I’m finding my rhythm. I love running!

This morning, the humidity was 92%! I had to be at work by noon, and my child is out of school for the summer, so I had no other choice but to run in the 92% hell.  The run was going okay considering when a bug flew in my eye at about the 3.5 mile mark! It burned so bad! I kept pace, and kept wiping. lol  Before that happened, a large dog began chasing me…fortunately, he backed off once I yelled at him (lucky, I know).  Then, once I finally got home I realized that the back of my shoe had rubbed a large hunk of flesh off of the back of my heel. lol  It was a ROUGH morning. Ya know what though? I’d do it all over again. Running is somehow magical….the worst things can happen to you, but you brush it off and prepare for the next run.

I have several races written down in my running log.  I’ve planned out my race schedule for the next six months.  I plan on wrapping up the year with a half marathon.

If you don’t run…start.  It is unimaginably addictive & fun.

P.S.-I’ve lost ~60lbs now.