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A New Day!

I was severely addicted to carbs…when I saw the picture of myself at christmas (my mom took it, and then showed me immediately)…I gasped! It is so easy to detach yourself from the way you look day to day…but a picture DOES NOT LIE! lol  So, I knew I had to do something. I gathered myself over the next few days (there was a lot of me…so it took a while, lol)…then about Dec. 28 I changed my diet cold turkey!

Then, for the next two weeks I felt horrible! I felt like I had the flu, and I was in a very bad mood. Once that passed my energy spiked, and I began to feel better than ever! It has been uphill ever since.  I slowly added exercise into the mix, and have gradually increased it.  I now wake up looking forward to my workout that day, and when I take rest days I actually enjoy them, because I know that I have earned them!

My latest comparison picture:

two months

Oh, and I’m by no means slowing down either…this is only confirmation that I should keep pressing on, and get to my ideal weight!