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About that run…

About my run this morning? There is only one word to describe it: FAIL. I guess when you have a head-on collision with an elliptical machine on Monday…set a personal record for distance on Wednesday…you must fall flat on your face on Friday. lol

Everything about this morning was off. My child is out of school today, so I had to go earlier…which meant I couldn’t have my usual cup of coffee pre-run. My legs were already achey from my PR Wednesday. I was going to attempt a 5K this morning…as you see that did NOT happen! I even hesitate to log it as a run…it was more of a old person shuffle. lol



I have been neglecting this blog lately…my apologies.  I just realized that I never gave a post-race update (from my first 5K)! Note: It was April 9th.

Geesh…where is my head!!

I was a bag of nerves on race day!  No one was able to come see me race, so I knew…no one…which made the nerves worse.  Oh, and the race was simply advertised as a 5K.  No where…NO WHERE did it say 5K TRAIL RACE! LOL  Yep, 3.1 miles of grueling up & down steep hills…mud, dirt, rocks…you name it…it was there!  So, I was completely exhausted halfway into it. So, I began to walk/run…my strategy at that point was simply survival! So, I walked uphill, and ran downhill.

That worked out okay, because I did not finish last (and that was my only goal for that race).  I did learn a few things though…Lesson 1-explore the area where the race is going to be held if you are unfamiliar with it.  Lesson 2-I must be in much better shape before my first INTENTIONAL trail race! lol

So, my first 5K was a trail run…unplanned…but i did it.


I set a PR yesterday morning! I ran 5.56 miles! The time was horrible, but the distance was what mattered! Before yesterday, a 5K was my longest distance. I’m making progress!! 🙂


On the weight loss front: I’ve now lost a total of 51lbs! 😀


Thanks to a friend on Dailymile.com I found out about The Jelly Bean Virtual 5K going on this week! I found out just in time too! I just have to complete it & post my time before the 26th. Cool beans! LOL 😉  Now, to decide if I’m going to do this in the morning, or Saturday morning. Decisions…decisions…perhaps I’ll do it twice, and post my best time? LOL Nah, I wouldn’t do that…I dont even think I could run a 5K two days in a row! LOL

I’m on Dailymile.com now too! Check me out! Add me as a friend on there if you are on it.


I plan on going on a long hike sometime this weekend. I had planned on going in the morning, but then came a torrential downpour, and now I’m thinking that those dirt trails are going to be mud pits…and uh…I dunno about that. Perhaps not tomorrow. lol

Although, last Saturday I hiked over five miles and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Who Knew!?

Today, we changed up the pace a bit by checking out a new trail. Well, the trail is a small gravel, and a bit deep. So, when you step you dig down a bit. Well, this worked my muscles in a very different way, and I guess worked some stability muscles that hadn’t been worked .

I only WALKED 2.65 miles, and yet my quads feel like I did an hour on an elliptical…or three sets of 15 on the leg press machine. Crazy!!!

Although, my knee…which I have worked super hard to strengthen (bum knee since junior high), was tweaking a bit after that. It wasn’t because I did too much (because I didn’t), it was because I used some stability muscles in my knee that I had not previously. So, both a good thing…and a uh…oops…I have a race Saturday…I can’t get my knee tweaking!!!! It’s okay though…slight twinges…nothing major. I’ll listen to it carefully tomorrow morning to see how I need to work out. I’m not going back to those gravel trails this week. I need to work on that AFTER my race.

I hit upper body in the gym very lightly once I got to school. A few sets of vertical lifts, and then I called it a morning.

As long as my knee is good in the morning, I expect it to be a hard(er) workout.

I think Thursday, I’m going to check with the training partner to see if she wants to run the road instead of trails so that I can prepare better for my race Saturday.

Oh, and I cooked us some nice inch thick top sirloins for dinner tonight…Soooooo good!!!