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Long overdue update

I have been quite busy with school, and training for my upcoming 5K.  My first 5K is this Saturday!! Today, I did 3.03 miles…only walked ~.35 miles of that. So, I am almost ready! I’m so excited! I never EVER thought I would love running like I do! This is such a huge change for me.

Besides running 3-4 days a week, I lift weights every Tuesday & Thursday.  I also supplement my running with some walking & some quality elliptical machine (cross training program) time.  I think I’m rounding it all out okay…

My weight loss has been slow but steady. I’m going to weigh again tomorrow morning to see where I’m at.


Back to my run this morning…I never expected that this morning would be a PR for me.  I had a very hard time waking up this morning…I slept very hard…so hard, I had bags underneath my eyes. lol  I stumbled around…got dressed…got my child off to school…drank a cup of coffee…then headed out to workout. It went so much better than I expected!  Perhaps I should sleep hard more often. lol

I’m still eating Paleo. Had an organic two egg, coconut milk omelet this morning once I got home.  I munched on a couple of banana chips during my run…just enough carbs to get me through.

My shower never felt so good this morning! lol


Today’s Workout

I must say that today the weather was absolutely PERFECT for an outdoor workout! I really enjoyed myself today. 🙂  I did not used to be much of an outdoors person, but since I have started working out I am finding that I really love it outside!  It makes working out a lot more interesting than simply staring at gym walls…if you get bored easily working out, or have a hard time getting motivated…go outside! I have been working out in a large cemetery, it’s free, beautiful, quiet, and interesting.  There are lots of hills, and it stays nicely manicured.  I call it my playground now. 🙂


  • Jogging:
    • 60 minutes (+150 pts)
    • 10 minutes (+25 pts)
    • intervals on wicked hills: the second set was backwards jogging
  • Running:
    • 10 minutes (+30 pts)
    • intervals on wicked hills
  • Push-Up:
    • 25 (+12 pts)
    • Incline
  • Walking:
    • 25 minutes (+27 pts)
  • Plank:
    • 25 seconds (+8 pts)
    • 15 seconds (+5 pts)

I have found that when I have a light breakfast of raw walnuts (about a fourth to half a cup), I tend to have more energy than when I eat a few eggs prior to working out.  So, I had walnuts early this morning, and had my eggs when I got home for lunch.


I’m taking the day off from exercise, although I had planned on working out this morning.  My mom’s dog ended up staying over (dog sleepovers are strange I suppose), and I’m not used to having a dog in the bed.  Well, everytime she moved or squirmed throughout the night I woke up.  Needless to say, I did not get enough rest last night.  I’m not running on a full tank today.

So, I’m going to work out in the morning…that will give me four days this week, which is pretty good.  I will shoot for five days next week.

I have been getting some homework done, so it isn’t a wasted day.

I did make myself a delicious paleo friendly omelet this morning!


  • 2 organic eggs
  • 1 TBSP Thai Kitchen Coconut milk
  • 2 pieces of sundried tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • fresh salsa
  • coconut oil to cook in

Whip everything together in a bowl, except the fresh salsa. Fry in coconut oil. Place in bowl, and spoon salsa on top. Nom!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention a fitness milestone I hit yesterday! How could I have forgotten!?  During my workouts I have previously had to slow down periodically in order to keep my heart rate in check.  It would speed up to 180+ BPM very quickly!  Well, yesterday while on the elliptical machine (which has a HR monitor), I noticed that I was having a hard time keeping my HR in the weight loss category, and I had a difficult time even reaching the cardio zone!  I was elated! I am capable of becoming more cardiovascularly fit afterall! 🙂

A New Day!

I was severely addicted to carbs…when I saw the picture of myself at christmas (my mom took it, and then showed me immediately)…I gasped! It is so easy to detach yourself from the way you look day to day…but a picture DOES NOT LIE! lol  So, I knew I had to do something. I gathered myself over the next few days (there was a lot of me…so it took a while, lol)…then about Dec. 28 I changed my diet cold turkey!

Then, for the next two weeks I felt horrible! I felt like I had the flu, and I was in a very bad mood. Once that passed my energy spiked, and I began to feel better than ever! It has been uphill ever since.  I slowly added exercise into the mix, and have gradually increased it.  I now wake up looking forward to my workout that day, and when I take rest days I actually enjoy them, because I know that I have earned them!

My latest comparison picture:

two months

Oh, and I’m by no means slowing down either…this is only confirmation that I should keep pressing on, and get to my ideal weight!